Alexander Lee

I’m Al Lee,

I was one of Jordan’s best friends and have not gone a day since January 25th without thinking about him. Like others in the foundation, I am a serving Police officer in West Yorkshire Police. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, I absolutely love spending time with the gorgeous Maisie Sinnott and my nieces Isabelle and Sophia!

My role within the JSFT is trustee, assisting in giving ideas and making suggestions for further fundraising. I am also involved in looking after the charity Facebook page. I am keen to be involved in helping organise future sporting/fundraising events to raise money and awareness of the foundation.

It is an absolute honour to be part of the JSFT and I am looking forward to working with my friends and brothers, who are also trustees, to change the lives of others.

It is incredible what has already been achieved and I can’t wait to see more!