Trustee Ally Lee runs 5k for 31 consecutive days

Posted: 03 August 2020

In July 2020 one of our trustees Al Lee, took part in our first major fundraiser for the JSFT taking part in a physical challenge. He ran 31 5ks in 31 days culminating on a sunny Friday evening with many of our trustees and patrons taking part.

Throughout the month each 5k run took place at different times and at various locations. Al was frequently accompanied by friends and family who travelled from near and far to show their support. Al was also occasionally joined by Jordan’s immediate family including Mel and Tom. Due to Al being a serving Police officer he had to arrange the runs around his shifts and even completed a run at 10 past midnight!

Al managed to raise an amazing £12,250 in which he would like to extend his enormous thanks to everyone who sponsored him. He would also like to thank everyone who ran with him throughout the month and all the messages of support he received.