Posted: 22 December 2020

This Christmas the Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust have reached out to help the homeless.

We teamed up with Homeless House Charity to offer them £500 which their incredible organisation will use to provide food, warmth and shelter to those sleeping on the streets this time of year.

“Jordan was always the first to give whatever change he had to homeless people on nights out or even just out and about in any town or city during the day. He would never turn his head or walk past and even when he didn’t have change he would give a £5 or £10 note!! He was always generous and kind hearted, and he would certainly be proud that his foundation can provide this financial help now to those in need”. Jon Stead, trustee JSFT.

JSFT would again, like to thank all those who have donated to and can assure you that your money is making real change to those in desperate need.