JSFT Send "Sinnott 25" Football Shirts to Zimbabwe

Posted: 28 June 2021

The Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust is proud to announce the donation of football shirts with "Sinnott 25" to Zimbabwe through the Thembalethu Foundation. This is a UK registered charity supporting the poor through football in rural areas such as Zimbabwe as they believe it is one of the most successful tools to reach out to communities. They believe Football/Sports brings smiles, hope, unites communities and can even help solve problems faced by youths, the girl child and the community.

This is the reaction the JSFT received when the Shirts were donated

"Upon receiving the Sinnott kits, we had a moment to narrate his story to our teams in the young age groups, it really touched everyone who expressed the need to preserve the legacy of Sinnott. It left us with a desire to inspire the young kids with the story of Sinnott and we want to seek permission to have a developmental team that will be named under Sinnott. This will be a team based in the rural community of Filabusi."