A Memory to
a Tribute

Jordan Sinnott
14 February 1994 - 25 January 2020
This collection was photographed immediately after Jordan’s funeral in the spring of 2020. Every effort has been made to ensure each shirt sent in has been included here, however, given the complications of moving and cataloguing so many items we may have accidentally missed some. If this is the case, then we apologise unreservedly. Also, some shirts supplied to us were without badges or other identifying insignia. We have researched as best we can to identify the clubs, but there are some that we simply cannot trace. These have been indicated within the book as ‘unknown’, but are no less gratefully received than the others.

The collection was photographed and compiled into this book by SMF Limited during the Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic, that brought a sudden halt to all footballing activities around the world for several months. It is fitting that despite this momentary pause in the game, Jordan’s participation in the sport he loved carried on. Thanks should go to Jamie Fletcher, Andrew Warriner and Katie Warriner at SMF for the monumental effort of collating, photographing, editing and laying-out of nearly 2000 photographs in to the record that we are proud to show here.

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